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Society Address:
Swiss Society Of New Zealand
508 Salisbury Road
R D 24

Stratford   4394

    Phone07 855 3294 or 021 658733

    It was back in1994 when we came to Hamilton and pretty soon after that we joined the Hamilton Swiss Club. I am an active member of the club and saw what the Helvetia Team did last time this task was handled by the Hamilton  club.
    When the duty came around to us again (14 years later!!!) I saw it as an opportunity to make a contribution towards , what I see , a very worthwhile project.

    PositionVice President
    Phone07 884 9567

    Phone027 498 5170

    Phone021 418 695

    Phone07 210 0982 or 0210 848 3029

    Phone07 834 9286

    Phone021 973 565

    While I am not an official member of the Swiss Society Committee, my profile is listed here for my role as "web master" for this website.

    I work very closely with the Society and club secretaries to keep this website in ship shape condition.  If you have any questions or notice anything wrong, please email me.

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