Biometric Passport: Recording of biometric data in Auckland (7-12 March 2013)

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Published on: March 3, 2013

Biometric Passport: Recording of biometric data in Auckland (7-12 March 2013)

Unfortunately, the Swiss Embassy in Wellington was unable to accommodate all requests to have the biometric data recorded in Auckland. While the Embassy appreciates the disappointment of those citizens, whose requests had to be declined, the Embassy would like to inform of the following:

The Embassy expected a good response to the offer of having the biometric data recorded in Auckland and Christchurch. This is why the Embassy in the first place requested for the mobile biometric unit, to offer our citizens living in New Zealand this new and additional service.

Mobile biometric units were introduced to accommodate the needs of Swiss citizens living in countries without Swiss representations or living in countries where Swiss representations were closed and where no more consular services are offered. There are five biometric unites worldwide. They need to be shared by all Swiss representations abroad.

The Swiss Embassy in New Zealand was lucky enough to secure one of those five biometric units, however only for a limited time. The Embassy hopes to secure such a mobile biometric unit again in the future. If this should be the case, priority will be given to requests that were declined this time.

Biometric data can be recorded all year long at the Embassy in Wellington. Please visit the Embassy’s website to launch a passport application.

Biometric data can also be recorded at a passport office in Switzerland or at any other Swiss representation abroad. You must, however, still apply for a new passport at the Embassy in Wellington. Please read the information sheet carefully and/or contact the Embassy in Wellington.

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